Personal Training

What is included in your personal training package? cvt_inner2

You will receive a FREE 30minute consultation session. This is were we go through your personal details and current lifestyle matters that could be affecting you from seeing results. We’ll also discuss what your goals are, how we are going to achieve this goal and what is the best way to keep you motivated and focused to make your journey a successful one.

We are devoted in outlining the problems that may have made you increase your body fat, become overweight, lose of confidents and a decrease in fitness levels.

After this, we will set out achievable short-term goals that will keep you on track to finally reaching your overall goal and developing a NEW YOU!

Every 6 weeks we will have a overall session review were can re-evaluate your goals & see how you are finding your journey with us.

You are the most important individual in this journey so as Personal Trainers we need to make sure that you understand the concept of our training methods and the importance in making healthier food choices that will help improve your training and cleanse your body.