What our clients say


I joined Life Leisure in November 2013 with the aim to lose weight, get fitter and ultimately build up my confidence. Three years after giving birth I still hadn’t been able to lose the weight I’d gained whilst being pregnant and I desperately wanted to achieve this.

I was taking part in 2/3 classes per week. Over the next few months I noticed that my fitness levels were increasing slightly and I was enjoying taking part in the classes but I wasn’t seeing any difference in my weight or my body shape. After one of the classes Remi encouraged me to take part in a Bootcamp session to experience different exercises and to improve my fitness levels. I really enjoyed the Bootcamp, the instructors were really encouraging and positive and showed me how to do exercises that I’d never done before and my body ached for days after.

Following from this I signed up to start PT with Remi in April 2014. Remi started the training at my fitness level and through his encouragement my confidence and fitness level grew and he was then able to increase the level and give me more challenging exercises. Throughout the sessions Remi adapted the training to keep me interested by using a variety of equipment and exercises. The added benefit of taking part in the PT sessions is that when I took part in Remi’s gym classes he knew my fitness level and therefore pushed me further.

Remi gave me the knowledge and the confidence to work out on my own in the gym by doing the exercises that I had been taught in the personal training sessions. I would never have been confident enough to do this beforehand. It’s not been an easy road, each session is hard work but also fun as Remi has the ability to make people feel at ease and I have a really good training buddy Lauren!

I think one of the most important factors to my weight loss has been the nutrition advice that Remi has given me. He has educated me on what foods I should and shouldn’t be eating and also what type of foods are good to eat when training.

Since starting my training I have lost 1 stone and 12 pounds and 37 inches overall. I am more than pleased with my change in body shape so far. I can confidently say that without Remi’s help I would not have been able to achieve this. I am pleased to say that, not only have I lost the weight that I gained whilst pregnant but I am now lighter and smaller then I was and I’ve never felt better. I’m fitter then I’ve ever been, I’ve even signed up for the 10k Avalanche & survival of the fittest runs which I wouldn’t have dreamed about 12 months ago.

Remi is an excellent trainer, with a high level of patience. He was very understanding of my individual needs and used his high standard of training techniques to design a programme based upon my personal goals and he has pushed me to get there.

Team Rocky!!!


In January 2014 I decided to take the 1st steps into regaining my life by becoming a member at Life Leisure Houldsworth Village Gym.

With the support of my sister we decided to take up personal training in February, this was the beginning of the success I have achieved. Since that day I have never looked back!

Having a structures session plans, weekly food diaries and extra nutrition advice, I felt that this was the beginning of change to overcoming the issues that put me where I currently am.

Since having 4 kids, I found it hard to lose the weight which resulted in me comfort eating. This consisted of sugary based foods for breakfast, snacks, this ended with having a high quality of takeaways every night. I decided to join Weight Watchers where I lost 5 stone in a year for my holiday in the summer of 2013. Since coming back I ending up putting all the weight back on quicker than I lost it. Which destroyed me emotionally and affected my overall confidence. Having explained this to Remi, we set out mini goals and used the past as an example to ensure I never went back to that stage of my life again.

We targeted my sisters wedding as a goal for me to lose a minimum of 2 stone. On the day of the wedding my total weight loss was just over 3stone, my dress fitted perfectly. Some of the compliments I received really boosted my confidence to achieve more amazing results. My holiday to Egypt was the best holiday I have been on, the fact that I could wear a bikini for the 1st time fantastic! Both of these special achievements would NEVER of happened without the dedication and the belief from Remi.

My journey has not been easy and there have been times where I felt like I couldn’t do this anymore, I’ve had weeks when I didn’t lose anything and there were times when I wanted to give up due to me putting weight back on. Looking back over the last 9-12 months I have had more good weeks than bad. If anyone would have said “you’ll lose 3 stone and keep it off” I would never of believed it. Now to be standing here 5 stone 7 pounds lighter and a massive 71.5 inches lost all over within 28 weeks, improved fitness levels and a totally different body shape is amazing.

My next aim is to maintain a healthy weight, & improve my overall fitness levels. I have also booked survival of the fittest event which for me will be another massive milestone. I am sure with the help of CVT I will achieve this.

I want to thank Remi for believing in me when I was at my lowest and pushing me to feel the way I do today, he has changed my life and made me feel like a brand new woman at the age of 29. I hope that my journey can inspire other to kick start their weight loss journey and make them believe that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

‘One of the best presents I have received’

I started training with Remi two years after having my son Joshua. My weight had slowly crept up after having Joshua and I was becoming really unhappy with my appearance. A few of my friends had started training with Remi and had achieved great results so they highly recommended him.  My partner Paul bought me sessions for Christmas and I can honestly say it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever received.

I had a C section with Joshua so my core was very weak but with Remi’s help and guidance my core has slowly become stronger and I’m now able to hold the plank and do full press ups.

8 months later I’m 28lbs lighter and I’ve lost 26 inches all over. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and feel like my old self again. Remi has not only increased my fitness levels but given me nutritional advice that has helped me change my diet and lifestyle. My body shape has totally changed and I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been and I thank Remi hugely for guiding, encouraging and pushing me to help achieve these results. With the support of Remi and my PT partner Julie I’m so much happier within myself and going to the gym has become part of my weekly routine and I really enjoy it- I never thought I’d say those words!


Since starting my personal training with Remi at the end of April, not only has my fitness levels massively improved but my general health is much better.

After suffering with chronic back pain, he has introduced training exercises that have strengthened the muscles supporting my back and he’s shown me how to stretch and help maintain this. After a few months of training I no longer suffer from back pains which is and fantastic.

He has also given me guidance on nutrition and my diet is now far healthier than before. Healthy eating is part of my lifestyle and I can say that I will continue eating the way I have.

Over the past 14 weeks I have currently lost 19lbs and 24.5 Inches all over. I am absolutely delighted with the results!

He has given me constant support and encouragement and pushes me beyond any limits I ‘thought’ I had.

I would like to thank Remi for all the work he’s put in. He has motivated me and transformed my way of training. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or simply make improvements to their fitness.

Thank you
Marie Lockwood

I lost 49lbs and 42inches in 28 weeks

I started PT with Remi in April 2014. I had never been this overweight in my entire life so the road ahead was daunting and one that I was frightened to take part in. I lacked and had lost not only my body but my life. My personality, confidence and self-esteem had disappeared and I hid behind the closest to me. The weight I had gained from having two baby boys so close together, an underactive thyroid through childbirth I had struggled to shift any of it. I was in and out of hospital for suspected coeliac disease which drained me. Enough was enough and I had decided that something had to be done and time to take control.

I embarked on this path in April 2014 and my weight would fluctuate massively. One week we would have achieved a substantial loss and the following week I would have put on more weight than I lost the previous week. You can only imagine my frustration towards this. Remi had been my rock throughout this journey. He kept me on the right path, always on the end of the phone if needed help and support with my meal plans, exercise regime or general motivation. We played around with various strategies in relation to beating my underactive thyroid and through research we realised that no vitamins should be taken at the same time as my medication and various food should be avoided.

Remi gave me the guidance for a healthier lifestyle and a strict exercise regime. He pushed me beyond my limits without hesitation and believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. He has transformed my life, ultimately giving me my life back. No more tests, operations as they were all wiped out gone due to my weight loss! Once my thyroid was under control and through a strict exercise/ eating plan I lost 49lbs and 42inches in 28 weeks. This was once a goal I never imagined to of been able to have achieved. I would 110% recommend Remi to anyone who wanted to change their life by losing weight, improve their fitness whilst learning the importance of this and a healthy lifestyle along the way. I’ll never be able to thank Remi enough for his dedication but I shall now, THANK YOU!